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Preserved flowers

They are beautiful, yet simple, modest, and timeless: flowers have always been a gift that sparks joy through their beauty and universality. They are a simple, yet effective means to make beloved people happy and communicate your feelings. However, a little wistfulness remains: a conventional bouquet of flowers will wilt quickly – even under the best circumstances. By ordering Endless Love preserved flowers, you will be able to benefit from a rose’s natural beauty over a much longer period of time!

Our high-quality preserved flowers are as natural-looking and richly coloured as fresh, non-preserved roses. Unique hand-made boxes add the final touch that makes our eternity roses the perfect gift.

Endless Love preserved flowers will retain their beautiful colours for several years. Order your own, customized box filled with everlasting roses from our online shop. The hand-made box and carefully preserved roses are a suitable gift for any occasion!


What Are Preserved Flowers?

With Endless Love preserved flowers, you will receive a box of high-quality roses, that have been carefully preserved. We use a special method to extract excess liquid from the roses’ petals, leaves, and stem which stops the ageing process while keeping the flowers looking freshly-cut.

We only use roses in full bloom to produce our flower boxes. Our careful preservation method ensures that the brilliance of the colours and the cells of the long lasting flowers remain intact.

Why Are Preserved Flowers the Perfect Gift?

You would like to gift our preserved roses in a box to that special someone or use them as decoration for your next event? Our preserved flowers are the ideal choice for a number of reasons:

  • Our roses remain fresh and of radiant beauty for a long time: Whilst conventional roses will wilt and fade within few weeks or even days, our boxes full of preserved flowers retain their beauty without needing additional maintenance. They can easily last up to three years if kept in a shady place.
  • Low-maintenance: Unlike non preserved flowers and plants that usually require a lot of care, our preserved flowers do not have to be watered and can be cleaned easily with a soft brush.
  • Universal decoration: Our preserved flowers are suitable for any occasion. Of course, they are a popular decoration for weddings and other festivities, but they can also add a special touch to your bedroom or living room.

Preserved Flowers in A Hand-Made Box: Discover Our Product Range

Long lasting roses are a great gift for flower lovers – combined with an Endless Love flower box, they make an absolute eye-catcher. Thanks to our great range of products, each box can be customized. Choose the size and colours of the box as well as the colour of the preserved flowers.

Our product range:

  • Preserved flowers in different colours: We offer preserved flowers in black, white, classical red, yellow, shades of pink and even flowers with an additional coat of golden paint.
  • Hand-made boxes in various designs: We offer simple, elegant boxes as well as more extravagant designs. Discover our Classic Collection and our Pure Glam Collection, which is characterized by its luxurious, more glamorous appearance. Our boxes are also available in different shapes and sizes that range from XS to XL. Choose from round, square or heart-shaped boxes.
  • Unique scents: Looking for something out of the ordinary? Endless Love offers two unique scents that last for about four weeks. Choose between a natural rose scent with a hint of hibiscus or a perfume that combines peonies and Turkish rose.

Order your own Endless Love flower box full of preserved flowers from our online shop. If you have any remaining questions, feel free to contact us – we are happy to help!