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Long Lasting Roses

Finding the perfect gift for a special person in your life isn’t always the easiest task. Gifting flowers is always a good idea, but their transience is a flaw that is hard to avoid. But not to worry: Endless Love has the perfect solution. We offer flowers that last a year or even longer – find out more about our long lasting roses which are carefully preserved and stored in an elegant, high quality box. 

Looking for flowers that last a year? The Endless Love online shop offers a wide range of long lasting flowers – discover classical red roses as well as unique colours and designs.

Discover products in our online shop and order your unique, individualized preserved flowers in a box. The preserved beauty of eternity roses is an eye-catcher and fits any kind of interior decoration. 



Long Lasting Roses are a Unique and Special Gift: Their Beauty is Preserved for Years

What are long lasting roses? 

Endless Love offers a wide range of flower boxes, filled to the brim with beautiful, brilliantly coloured long lasting flowers. What makes them special is the fact that they have been carefully preserved, turning them into flowers that last a year or more.   

How are eternal roses preserved?

We use a special technique to extract excess liquid from carefully chosen, blossoming roses. This slows down the ageing process of your long lasting roses while keeping their freshly-cut look. After preservation, the long lasting roses can be coated with additional colours, enabling us to offer you roses in many different variants. Our roses are then placed inside a high-quality flower box which adds to their exceptional appearance.

How do you take care of long lasting roses?

Eternity roses are very easy to take care of. However, there are a few guidelines that should be followed to maximize your flowers’ life span: 

  • Avoid direct sunlight: Most plants need a lot of sunlight – which is a main difference between them and our long lasting roses. Due to the process of preservation, our freeze-dried roses should be kept in a shady place in order to keep their colour fresh and bright.
  • Do not water your everlasting roses: Flowers that last a year or more should not be watered. Make sure that your flower box is kept in a place with low humidity and avoid contact with large amounts of water.

In case you have questions concerning our long lasting roses, we will be happy to help. Endless Love will gladly provide further information!

Choose Flowers that Last a Year – or even longer: Endless Love’s Flower Boxes are a Great Choice for Anniversaries, Valentine’s Day and Birthdays

If you are searching for a romantic, exceptional gift for a special person or if you want to treat yourself, our flower boxes are the right choice. We offer individualized boxes full of long lasting roses, that can be customized to any taste and wish.

Discover our product range

  • Wide assortment of colours: Our long lasting roses are available in different colours that range from bright red to black or white flowers. No matter which shade you choose – all preserved flowers maintain their luminous colours over a long period of time. 
  • Unique box designs: Our flower boxes are classy and modern with a hint of luxury and extravagance. Just like our flowers, they are offered in a variety of colours and special designs.
  • Additional perfumes: The added scent is what makes Endless Love’s long lasting roses truly unique. We offer two different perfumes. Choose between a classical rose scent with an added hint of hibiscus or a combination of peonies and Turkish rose.

Order your own long lasting roses and discover the benefits of flowers that last a year. Make sure to check out our collections and choose your personal favourite!