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Long Lasting Flowers

Beautiful, romantic, unique: Flowers are a classic gift for the people you love. Unfortunately, they usually wilt quickly – that is if you are gifting non-preserved, classical bouquets. Endless Love everlasting roses offer the perfect alternative. They are long lasting flowers that remain absolutely stunning for up to three years. 

Our long lasting flowers come in a modern, individualized box that protects the roses and also functions as a breath-taking eye-catcher.

Looking for a gift unlike any other you have ever given or received? Our long lasting flowers are the ideal choice. Preserved roses in a box look great in any room and spread happiness over a long period of time. Our online shop offers a variety of colours and designs. Discover our collections and order your personal flower box. 



Individualized Flower Boxes: Our Long Lasting Flowers are Available in Many Different Colours

Some people enjoy brighter colours, whilst others prefer more laid-back designs - Endless Love offers a wide range of products that satisfy every taste. 

Discover our product range:

  • Different collections: Our Classic Collection consists of modern, round boxes in black or white, whilst our Pure Glam Collection offers bolder designs in various colours and shapes from velvety red to unique, heart-shaped boxes.
  • A variety of box designs: Choose from round, square or heart-shaped boxes that come in five different sizes – depending on the collection. Our flower boxes filled with long lasting flowers range from Extra Small to Extra Large. 
  • Roses in your favourite colours: Endless Love offers long lasting flowers in different shades of red, pink, black, white and even gold. An additional, carefully applied coat of paint makes them shine brightly.
  • Natural scents: Add one of our perfumes – they last for around four weeks and can be refreshed easily. Choose between a natural rose scent or a perfume that combines the smell of peonies and Turkish roses. 

All long lasting flowers can be found in the Endless Love online shop and can be customized according to your taste. Contact us in case you have questions or require further information – we are always happy to help! 

What Makes Endless Love Long Lasting Flowers So Special? 

More than just an ordinary bouquet of flowers: Our long lasting flowers are an extraordinary gift for every occasion from weddings to birthdays.

There are several reasons that make our freeze-dried roses an exceptional choice:

  • Wide range of designs: You decide what your rose box full of long lasting flowers is going to look like. Choose from various colours, shapes and sizes to create your perfect gift. 
  • Scented flower boxes: We developed special scents for our flower boxes – only Endless Love offers long lasting flowers with an authentic, pleasant fragrance. 
  • Gentle preservation: We handle each preserved flowers with great care and gently extract additional water to slow down the ageing process significantly. We only use blossoming roses to preserve them in their most beautiful state.
  • Handmade boxes: Each box is carefully made by hand to ensure the highest quality possible. Depending on the collection, the boxes may also come with a noble accessory, like a metal badge or a satin bow.

Our advice: Please make sure that your long lasting flowers are stored in a shady place. Eternity roses last longer if you avoid contact with water and humidity.

Endless Love offers long lasting roses of exceptional quality. Our online shop is filled with a great assortment of colours and designs that can be combined individually. We are also happy to provide further information if necessary – please contact us to find out more about our products!