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Eternity Roses

Flowers: They are a beautiful gift that spreads happiness and makes every room cosier and warmer. But their beauty is flawed – they wilt quickly and lose their bright colours, no matter how well you take care of them. Would it not be wonderful if you were able to preserve the unique beauty of every single rose blossom?

By choosing carefully preserved eternal roses, you will receive a special gift for yourself or for your loved ones that will last for up to three years!

Endless Love eternity roses are available through our online shop. Order your own box full of longlife roses and discover a broad product range containing simple roses boxes that spread understated elegance, as well as more extravagant products for special occasons.

Endless Love is your specialist for eternal roses that strike the eye and satisfy the soul!


What are Eternal Roses?

Longlife roses are roses that have been specially preserved using a method that halts the aging process. The method used ensures that shape and color of the chosen long lasting flowers are retained – even over a period of several years. The roses will look as though they have just been cut.

Eternity roses are often referred to as “everlasting roses”. No matter the name, the term always describes long lasting roses of exceptional quality. They retain their splendid beauty and will spread joy every day.

How Long Do Longlife Roses Last?

Whilst a normal, non-preserved rose only lasts a couple of weeks at the most, our eternity roses last between one and three years. Compared to the life span of a normal flower, this does in fact seem like an eternity.

By using a special method that removes any excess liquid from inside the rose stem, leaves, and petals, the ageing process is practically stopped. Whilst freeze-drying roses - which is a frequently used method for creating eternal roses - damages the cell walls, our process helps retain the natural shape and colour of every flower.

Do Eternity Roses Require Special Care?

Longlife roses are very easy to maintain – in fact they do not require any kind of care at all. While there are no to dos when it comes to enternity roses, there are a few don’ts. Please be aware that some general notes on care and maintenance should be considered to increase your eternal roses’ life span:

  • Do not water your longlife roses: Due to the process we use to preserve the eternal roses, contact with water has to be avoided.
  • Preserved roses prefer shady places: Make sure that your rose box is not exposed to direct sunlight, as it can cause the colours to fade.
  • Don’t touch your eternal roses: Please avoid skin contact, as the this can make the quality of the eternity roses deteriorate. If your roses need to be cleaned, use a soft brush to remove residue and dust.
Customize Your Very Own Flower Box: Eternal Roses from the Endless Love Online Shop

You would like to order or own carefully preserved eternity roses? If so, chose your own flower box and let us fill it with longlife roses in many different colours! We are happy to present you a wide range of eternity roses in different variations made to suit every occasion.

Order Endless Love eternity roses and benefit from our products diversity and quality:

  • Our preserved flowers come in a variety of colours, like black, white, red, pink, yellow, and even in a golden version.
  • Choose a box design that suits your taste. They are always made by hand and are available in simple and more extravagant designs.
  • Add one of our special scents: Our specially developed perfumes are what make Endless Love unique. They last up to four weeks and can be renewed easily.

No matter if you would like to order a single rose or a huge box full of eternity roses: We are happy to fulfil any wishes our customers have. Feel free to contact us for further information!