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Bouquets of flowers are wonderful gifts, especially when we are given roses. Unfortunately, they also wither very quickly and all the joy is gone in a few days. With the Flowerbox from Endless Love this changes abruptly. The beautiful Infinity roses are available in many colours and are carefully preserved. So they last up to three years and delight us every day with their beautiful flowers. Additionally they smell, because Endless Love offers this as a novelty: fragrant roses in a chic box. This is unique in Germany.

Endless Love is a special flower online shop. Infinity roses is the magic word: infinitely durable roses. Compared to a flowering stem rose this idea is true. While the flower of a normal ostrich rose (or as a solitary rose) lasts only a few days, Infinity roses last for one to three years. The secret lies in conservation. These are real, flowering roses, which are preserved in a very careful way. Don't worry: they are not freeze-dried, that would only destroy the delicate structures. The magnificent roses do not need water and can remain in the supplied box as they were delivered. The recipient therefore has much less work to do and does not have to worry about the sensitivity of the flowers.


The Flowerbox is a feast for the eyes: a round box filled to the brim with roses that can be used as a piece of jewellery in any room. Only the flowers look out of the box - the effect is fantastic. The color of the box and its size are selectable. The offers range from black and white to pastel shades, the sizes vary between S, M and L. In addition, the buyers decide on the colour of the flowers. Among them are black, pink, red or yellow roses, but also golden ones. This is possible because after conservation the roses are given a coat of paint that makes them shine.

The chic, simple box looks very noble and elegant. It stands for a modern way of buying roses or giving them away. It is, of course, the ideal gift for wedding couples, but it is also on the shortlist for anniversaries or anniversaries.  


It was not until 2018 that Agnes and Stefan Treczoks founded the flower online shop Endless Love in Dortmund. It's not the first of its kind, but it's probably the most extraordinary. The peculiarity: These flowers smell. If the customer has chosen a box and the rose colour, he can also choose the scent of the flowers. There are two fragrances to choose from:


  • „Rose Petal“, a fine, natural rose fragrance with hibiscus
  • „Rose Oud“, a spicy oriental blend with peony and turkish rose

The fragrance of the roses treated in this way lasts about 6-8 weeks. The shop, which currently supplies all over Germany, is planning to expand the delivery districts throughout Europe. At present, the delivery routes are emerging after: England, France, Austria, Poland and the Netherlands.