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Pure Glam Collection
Pure Glam Collection White
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Pure Glam Collection Heart
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Classic Collection

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Endless Love’s Everlasting Roses: Unique Gifts for that Special Someone

Roses, or flowers in general, are a popular gift for a significant other, friends, or family. However, their beauty comes with a huge disadvantage: They usually wilt quickly and only last for a very short time. Instead of choosing a perishable bouquet of roses as a present, go choose preserved roses that offer the same beauty and meaning for over a year. Endless Love offers preserved roses in a box of exceptional quality and lasting beauty. 

Fine, luxurious design: Our everlasting roses are a real eye-catcher. 

Gifting flowers to your favourite people has never been easier: Endless Love offers a wide variety of eternity roses and arrangements of long lasting flowers in our online shop. Our preserved roses in a box make the perfect gift for any special occasion. Explore our shop to discover a wide range of decorative flower boxes.

We will gladly answer any questions concerning our products – feel free to ask!

What Are Preserved Roses in a Box?

Endless Love’s everlasting roses are an arrangement of specially preserved roses that can last for as long as three years. They are the ideal choice, if you are looking for something other than the usual bouquet of roses. The preserved roses are placed in an elegant, high quality box that adds to the unique appearance of our long-lasting, preserved roses.

For Which Occasions Are Everlasting Roses the Right Choice?

Just like classical flowers, preserved roses in a box make the perfect gift for any occasion. Everlasting roses combined with a carefully designed box are bound to make any recipient happy. The fact that our everlasting roses truly last for a long time, adds a romantic touch to our flower boxes. This makes them the ideal choice as a wedding gift, for Valentine’s Day or for an anniversary.

Preserved Roses in a Box: A Wonderful Gift for Flower Lovers

Our flower boxes are filled to the brim with beautiful, carefully preserved roses – they are the perfect decoration for any room, as they are available in a wide range of colours. If you’d like to make a flower lover’s heart beat faster, make sure to choose unique, individualized preserved roses in a box. 

Discover the advantages of preserved roses:

  • Roses that remain beautiful and fresh – even after several months: Instead of choosing untreated roses that will wilt after a few days, go for everlasting roses that stay fresh for at least an entire year.
  • Gentle handling and production: To make sure that none of the fresh long lasting roses in full blossom are damaged during the production process, we use an especially gentle technique to create our preserved roses.
  • Easy to care for: Everlasting Love’s preserved roses in a box do not require additional water and simply remain inside their box. Use a soft brush in case you need to remove dust or residue from the eternal roses.
Design Your Own Rose Box with Our High Quality Preserved Roses

Blossoming roses, combined with a luxurious, yet modern box, are a true feast for the eyes. The elegant box hides the roses’ stem, so you can only see the carefully preserved petals. No matter the size or colour of your box of everlasting roses – they will add a special glow to any room.

Everlasting Love offers several options to customize your own flower box:

  • Colour of the box: We offer rose boxes in black, white and a range of pastel tones. Make sure to check out our Pure Glam Collection for a more extravagant style. 
  • Size of the box: Depending on the collection, we offer our boxes of preserved roses in five sizes ranging from XS to XL. 
  • Colour of the everlasting roses: Our preserved flowers  are available in black, pink, red, yellow, and gold.
  • Preserved roses in a box with an additional scent: Our additional scents are what really make our flower boxes unique. We offer two different scents – one is a natural smell of roses combined with a slight note of hibiscus, whilst the other one is a more luxurious choice that combines peonies and Turkish rose. Our perfumes last for about four weeks, but can easily be renewed.

You would like to order our extraordinary preserved roses in a box? You can find additional information on our website, but we are also happy to answer any questions concerning our products personally!